The 8th International Seminar on Language, Education, and Culture ISoLEC 2024

Jumat,15 Maret 2024 - 11:45:55 WIB
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Call of Papers
Empowering Change and Transformation in Language, Education, and Arts

July 11-12, 2024

A20 9th floor
Gedung Kuliah Bersama Universitas Negeri Malang


  • TEFLIN (Scopus)

  • Bahasa dan Seni (Sinta 2)

  • IZDIHAR (Sinta 2)

  • Ijaz Araby (Sinta 2 & WoS ESCI)

  • Alsinatuna (Sinta 2)

  • Edukasia Islamika (Sinta 2)

  • Jurnal Penelitian (Sinta 2)

  • Atlantis Press – Additional Fee: Rp. 2.000.000,- / USD 127

  • ISSN Proceedings

Note: Deadline for the quick review submission to the listed journals is May 16, 2024. If the paper is rejected by the journal editors, presenters can rewrite and resubmit it to be published in the ISSN or indexed proceedings (relevant information is available in the ‘Full-paper submission’ section).


  • Abstract submission deadline:  January 16 – March 16, 2024
  • Notification of abstract acceptance: April 16, 2024
  • Full paper submission deadline (Journal) : May 16, 2024
  • Full paper submission deadline (Proceeding) : May 26, 2024
  • Registration and payment deadline: June 1, 2024

Abstract Submission:

  1. To submit an abstract, you need to register to the conference by creating an account though the system. Please note that you are required to have a Google account to register. Please create an account by clicking REGISTER and submit your abstract.
  2. The abstract can be written in English, Indonesian, Mandarin, German, and Arabic including the introduction, the aim of the study, method, results, conclusion, and keywords.
  3. The abstract should be no longer than 300 words.
  4. The keywords are 3 to 5 words, written in alphabetical order.

Full-paper Submission:

  1. We accept full-paper written in English, Indonesian, Mandarin, German, and Arabic for the ISSN proceedings based on the TEMPLATE.
  2. We accept full-paper written in ENGLISH only for the indexed proceedings based on the TEMPLATE.
  3. The full-paper should include Introduction, Literature Review (optional), Method, Findings and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement (optional), and References.
  4. The paper should be submitted after the notification of abstract acceptance.
  5. Full-paper revision must be submitted through the author’s account no later than September 16, 2024.
  6. The full-paper submitted must be revised according to the reviewers’ suggestions.
  7. The paper template for both ISSN and indexed proceedings can be downloaded from the TEMPLATES DOWNLOAD Page. Paper example can also be downloaded from ISoLEC previous publication
  8. Please note that the whole submission process is conducted fully via online.



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